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Aloka Foundation – Retreat Centres


Aloka Foundation’s initial project was the establishment of Alokarama, an eco-holistic retreat centre located on a 22-acre orchard near Asahan in Tampin district at the south-eastern corner of in Negeri Sembilan, bordering the state of Johor and Melaka.

As a retreat centre for body, mind, and eco cultivation, it is a holistic place to de-stress, heal and rejuvenate. It is a centre to educate and promote healthy living in harmony with people and environment.

Since its completion on 2006, Alokarama has been the host venue for many meditation retreats and healthy mind and body weekend retreats and workshops. Thousands have attended the many weekend and week-long meditation retreats conducted by Ven Mahinda and Sister Sumitra. No participation fees are charged and Aloka Foundation has been able to conduct them regularly through donations from participants themselves.


Mitraville is another eco-holistic health and spiritual sanctuary on a 13-acre piece of land at Mersilau, near Kundasang. Located at 6,200 feet above sea level just at about the half-way mark of Mount Kinabalu and with accompanying natural attributes, Mitraville is yet another ideal meditation retreat centre for the cultivation of the mind. Ven Mahinda has also conducted numerous retreats ranging from weekend to week-long retreats which have drawn participation by meditators from Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.